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Quite simply the best cost effective way of having the look of a new roof, and receiving all the repairs and maintenance needed in our harsh climate.

All roof restorations involve the following procedures

  • Clean the roof - Water blasting uses high speed water to take off dirt, mould and pollution to bring the face of the tile back to a stable, clean surface ready for painting.
  • Repointing - Using the product Flexipoint, all ridge capping and gable cement work will be pointed, and re-bedded where needed.
  • Repairs - All broken tiles will be replaced and any other issues will be fixed prior to painting.
  • Protection - Plastic sheets are used to protect walls, windows, pergola roofs… from over spray as needed.
  • Sealing - Once prepared properly the roof needs a sealer before the colour coats of paint.
  • Painting - Two coats of paint are applied at this point. The type of paint used is determined by the condition of roof and the needs of the client.
  • Clean up - To complete the roof restorations, all plastic protection sheets are removed, and all job mess cleaned up and all rubbish taken away.

Nutech Paint is an Australian owned company and comes with a minimum of a ten year guarantee and includes products like Tileflex2000, a roof paint which is enhanced with “Surface Cleaning Nano-Technology” (not unlike the same technology used on your non-stick frypans).  NXT Coolzone , a new heat reflective paint that really works wonders in Brisbane, as well as a specialist line of paints for previously painted roofs. Nutech has been specialising in roof paint since 1972.


No one likes the idea of maintenance, but the reality is that from new a roof can expect to need help within 7-10 years. But once all the maintenance has been carried out it should be a minimum of ten years of trouble free operation.

What is re-pointing? Under all ridge capping is a “bed? of cement mixture that holds the ridge capping straight and level. Over the top of this is applied the pointing. The vast majority of houses in Brisbane have a cement based pointing which after extremes in heat and cold can crack and loose strength.

At Able Roofing we have been using the product FlexiPoint since the 1990’s to re-point all ridge capping – that is trowel over the existing pointing with FlexiPoint to achieve an incredible strong flexible adhesion between the roof and ridge capping. FlexiPoint has a guarantee not to crack for ten years, and is a Brisbane based company. In some circumstances it may be required to re-bed the ridge capping, or replace the “bed? of cement mixture. Most times the ridge capping is able to be re-pointed without the added cost of re-bedding as well.

If a roof has loose ridge capping, then it can be the weak spot a nasty storm finds. Once wind lifts one ridge cap then a domino effect can happen, or best case scenario, it’s just water entry point.

At Able Roofing we recommend re-pointing as a way of maintaining your roof for a cost effective way to be storm safe and guaranteed for ten years. Maintenance keeps the insurance companies happy too.


The first time you realise you need help with your roof is usually when water starts dripping on your head while you’re lying in bed. For something so large it’s easy to forget it is there. The following is a sample of areas where roofs can leak and the solution Able Roofing uses to fix them.

  • Ridge capping - through cracks in the cement work or movement of ridge capping, water can find it’s way inside the roof space. Solution – re-point with Flexipoint.
  • Broken tilesfrom foot traffic to balls or hail. Solution – replace the broken tiles. We have access to an extensive array of new and second-hand roof tiles.
  • Valley ironthe V shaped piece of metal that runs under the tiles where an internal change of direction of the roof occurs, can get clogged with leaves and debris very easily. Solution – Take off tiles around the valley and clean out and install Valley Seal product as a waterproof barrier to prevent future problems.
  • Lead flashingexposure to the sun results in lead flashing to breakdown and crack over time. Solution – depending how bad it is, repair or replace with a product called Wakaflex – a modern replacement product for lead.
  • Tile clipsthe hardest leaks to find. A build up of dirt or debris can cause water travelling down the under channel of a tile to be diverted into the roof space. Solution – get inside the roof space and locate and remove the offending clips, replacing them with new.

Finding leaks in a roof can be a frustrating and rewarding job. Able Roofing’s policy is to fix the most obvious problems first, and if the issue hasn’t been resolved go to the next likely cause of the problem and so on. We pride ourselves in fixing problems where others have failed.


Apart from roof repairs and roof restorations we also a range of other services including:-

At Able Roofing we can supply and fit a large variety of roof ventilators in various colours both domestic and industrial.

House too dark? Maybe a solar tube would be a useful addition. Ask us about the difference between a vented and non vented solar tube, available in various sizes and colours.

In addition to this we can advise on the best ways to minimise heat in the roof space and how to get it out.

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