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Frequently Asked Questions


When does a roof need maintenance?

Usually every seven to ten years.

What is the most common thing that needs fixing?
The ridge capping. Cement holding the ridge secure will crack and start to fall out. This is fixed by re-pointing with flexipoint product or in more severe cases, where the cement is no longer sound, re-bedding with new cement may be required.

I have been told that my tiles are porous and holding too much weight for the roof trusses to bear - is this true?
There is no truth to this statement. Roof tiles are highly compressed concrete with a glaze baked on. Even without the color - they will not leak unless they are faulty. Your trusses can handle water-heavy tiles without any problems.

Do i need to paint my roof?
Not unless you want to change or enhance the color of your roof. It is purely cosmetic.

Does the heat reflective paint work well?
Yes, very well. Nutech paints state that NXT Coolzone paint will reflect the heat of the sun before it has a chance to heat the roof, resulting in a drop of 20 – 30% surface temperature and an actual drop of 6 – 10% inside the house

How do you know the paint will last for ten years?
Because we have customers come back to us after this time to repaint the roof again, they are that happy with the product and service.

Do you provide any other roofing services?
Yes, we can install various roof vents and solar tubes catered to your needs

Where can I find out more information about Able Roofing
You can call us and speak to the owner of the business or simply click on the Facebook link access more photos and information.